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<h3><strong>A Rotating, Wraparound Slideshow</strong></h3>

<p>This page demonstrates the use of CGI script which produces images in sequence each time the page is accessed. The images in the pool are specified in order by numeric filenames (given as the "image count" below the image itself. Accessing the page increments a counter modulo number of image files, and the CGI code then inserts that filename for display into the dynamic HTML Document. The value is retained from between consecutive accesses.</p>
Press <a href="rotating_source.html"><IMG SRC="../images/nut_icon.gif" ALT="Click here"></a> to view the CGI sourcecode for the rotating, wraparound slideshow.<BR><br>

<A HREF="../help/cginotes.html#WASlideshow"><IMG SRC="../images/help.gif" ALT="Click here"></A> for more information on slideshows.<BR>


<!--#exec cmd="./rotating.pl"-->


<p> Press either the Next button below or the "Reload" button on your browser to see the next image in the sequence!

<a href="rotating.html"><img src="next.gif"></a>